Fairing Sliders

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Introducing L.A. Fairing Co.'s  New "Fairing Sliders".  Inspired by Sport Bike stunt sliders, we developed the Fairing Sliders to protect your beautiful, unique and expensive paint job.  We manufacture our Slider Pucks out of Industrial Strength Polyurethane - this special formula is not the typical soft rubber blend.  At our request it was formulated to be extremely hard and durable to slide and designed to not crumble, shatter or grip/stick to the pavement, walls or whatever it may come in contact with, preventing further damage and impact. 
For day to day use, these are perfect for preventing annoying scuff marks from moving your bikes in and out and protect it when leaning it against the wall, bumping into your buddy's bike etc..  The LAFCO Fairing Slider kit will come in sets of 2 pucks along with 2 stainless 1/4x20 x 1" bolts and 2 nylock nuts .   

Note: the effectiveness of these sliders will depend on the quality of the fairing/mount system on your motorcycle. 

Note: for non El Diablo Fairing's you can can simply drill a 1/4" hole where you want on your fairing and install them with the Hardware provided  

Note: LAFCO is in no way claiming that the "Fairing Sliders" will 100% completely save your fairing in case of a serious accident and is in no way responsible for placement of these "Fairing sliders" on non-LAFCO fairings.